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Bobi Wine claims Museveni was behind abduction of Pakistani national

By Wangu Kanuri September 30th, 2022 2 min read

Ugandan opposition politician Bobi Wine has weighed in on the abduction of a Pakistani national, saying President Yoweri Museveni was behind the incident.

The musician-turned-politician made the claims in a video he shared on his Twitter handle.

“Yet another violent abduction captured on video yesterday! A man, who appears to be of Asian origin is taken away in a private vehicle. We all don’t want to imagine what they did to him as soon as the car doors closed. And yet, Museveni still has the guts to criticise Idi Amin!” Bobi Wine tweeted.

In the video several men in civilian clothes and others in uniform are seen bundling another man into a Toyota Probox in an incident that was filmed by the roadside.

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According to the Daily Monitor, the men are said to have kidnapped the Pakistani businessman near Kireka Grammar Primary School in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District and later robbed him of unspecified amount of money before dumping him in an isolated area on Mukono-Kayunga Road.

However, Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire said that the victim was later dumped by his captors at Kasangalabi village on Mukono-Kayunga Road.

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“Investigations are ongoing to identify the suspects and also understand details of the incident. The victim in still in shock. We shall record his statement later,” he said

Bobi Wine (real name Robert Kyagulanyi), who is a strong critic of President Museveni’s regime has in the recent past called out the Head of State for what he terms as ‘abuse of power and dictatorship.’

Bobi Wine ran against and lost to President Museveni in last year’s elections. During the campaign period, Bobi Wine frequently ran into trouble with the authorities and was arrested on a number of occasions.

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