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Boni Khalwale introduces three wives, Kenyans react

Kenyans have taken to social media to express their reactions after Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale introduced his three wives at the funeral of his caretaker, Kizito Moi Amukune.

Kizito Moi tragically lost his life to injuries inflicted by one of Khalwale’s fighter bulls.

In a post that sparked debate online, Khalwale suggested that Moi’s untimely demise may have been influenced by his inebriation before visiting his beloved bull, Inasio.

He said: “I had just given him his salary. It seems that he passed by the local tavern. He liked the bull, so maybe he came over to see him”.

Amid unconfirmed reports circulating online about the circumstances of Moi’s death, Khalwale clarified that the tragic incident was caused by the bull, dismissing other reports as mere propaganda.

During the funeral, Khalwale took the opportunity to introduce his three wives – Josephine Umina Khalwale, Gloria Sekeiyan Khalwale and Diana Moragwa Khalwale.

He shared a photo of them at the funeral and thanked them for their support during the difficult time, captioning the picture:

“We have held hands with my wives and sons for the last 10 difficult days. Gracious.”

The senator also paid tribute to his late first wife, Adelaide Khawlwale who died 5 years ago and acknowledged his 17 children.

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Reactions flooded social media platforms, with users offering different perspectives on Khalwale’s public presentation of his family.

nimrodnick humorously remarked, “it’s giving Lucy Kibaki’s infamous presser.”

Gratia Donum Dei expressed concern, stating, “Senator, it is not my business, but since you have mentioned your family in public, please take care of your first and second wives. It seems you have neglected them.”

Kijana Wa Atwori shared a cryptic observation, saying, “I’m not a prophet but what I know is that, one of your wives in this photo knows the truth.”

Peter Koima added a light-hearted touch, jesting, “It is now official you will be a guest speaker in this year’s edition of the men’s conference.”

Kanyi Alex directed attention to Khalwale’s first wife, urging, “Your first wife needs attention please, take her shopping in Nairobi.”

Owen Benjamin made a loyalist observation, noting, “The one with a walking stick must be the first wife. Very loyal. Married when Khalwale was struggling financially.”