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Brenda Kawira’s mom explains on why she stopped visits to daughter and lover

Ms Catherine Gakii, the mother of Brenda Kawira Gitonga, who died under mysterious circumstances, has revealed that she stopped paying her daughter and her boyfriend Mr. John Gakure Kiretai, also known as DJ Dela, visits.

During her last visit, Brenda shed tears as she watched her mother struggle up the staircase due to her leg complications.

“My daughter was shedding tears as she watched me climbing the staircase. I have an issue with my legs and when I saw her cry it really disturbed me and I made a decision never to visit her again,” Ms Gakii said.

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The devastated mother made the difficult decision not to visit her daughter again, fearing for her daughter’s health.

However, when Ms. Gakii visited Brenda and her boyfriend, they treated her well, and the couple even assured her that they were in love and planning to get married.

She said that they both prepared meals together and served her, and she was very happy with how they interacted.

Brenda’s family is seeking justice for their daughter’s death and is insisting that they will not accept the suicide narrative.

A police report revealed that Brenda had committed suicide, but her mother opposes this narrative, stating that her daughter was always jovial and had never shared any concerns with her.

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According to the report, Brenda had raised concerns about the state of her relationship with her boyfriend, which led her to become angry and jump from the fourth floor of Hawk Flats in Ngumba Estate.

“The boyfriend reported that around 11:30pm, while with the girlfriend in the house, she expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of their relationship. They then proceeded to the bedroom where the lady left the reporter and went to the balcony,” the police report seen by this reporter read in part.

The police report further revealed that the DJ then heard a loud thud and when he went to check what had transpired, he saw the girlfriend’s body lying in the surrounding parking yard on the ground floor.

Despite DJ Dela’s efforts to rush Brenda to the hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police found her motionless body lying in the backseat of a car with bruises on her right thigh, left knee, left cheek, and lower lip.

Brenda Kawira Gitonga was buried on March 12, 2023, at her native home in Meru County, and her family continues to oppose the suicide narrative.

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