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Bridget Shighadi confirms split from baby daddy Nick Mutuma

Actress Bridget Shighadi has publicly confirmed that she is single after officially ending her relationship with baby daddy Nick Mutuma.

In a Q and A session with her fans on July 18, the mother of one responded to a curious fan who asked Shighadi if she was single.

Shigadi responded with a straightforward “Yes.”

Another fan inquired about the duration of their breakup, asking how long she had been single.

Shighadi replied, “For a minute, bro,” implying that the split occurred some time ago.

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The couple had been noticeably absent from each other’s social media posts and public appearances for a while.

Even when celebrating their daughter’s birthday, they did so separately, raising eyebrows among their followers.

In July 2022, during Shighadi’s 31st birthday celebration, Nick Mutuma was also conspicuously absent.

He remained silent, failing to send any birthday wishes to the mother of his daughter, which he had done the previous year when Shighadi turned 30.

In a previous interview with Massawe Japanni in 2021, Shighadi revealed that Nick Mutuma was the first person she dated after high school.

However, their relationship had experienced its share of ups and downs.

After the birth of their daughter, Dua, they had been together for three years at the time of the interview.

They had also been living together.

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Shighadi explained that while they had a history together, their relationship had been on and off before their child’s arrival.

Regarding marriage plans, she mentioned that they were not in a rush.

Instead, she said they were focusing on their respective careers and creating a solid foundation for raising their daughter.

Shighadi emphasized that they were taking their time and emphasized the importance of not rushing into marriage.

She said their relationship was official then as both parents had met.

Nick Mutuma, in a radio interview, also described Shigahdi as a phenomenal woman.

“She is a very beautiful woman but pia anakua very grounded. I think as a man, you need somebody who can build with you, who can put that first foundation.”

Nairobi News reached out to Nick but he was not available for comment when this story was published.

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