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Burglar who admitted escaping from Kamiti prison sent back

A convicted burglar who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison has been jailed for one year after he pleaded guilty to charges of escaping from lawful custody.

Samuel Gitau Githinji, 22, was handed the sentence by chief magistrate Joyce Gandani of Kibera law courts after he admitted jailbreaking on June 28 while under the custody of Kenya Prisons’ corporal Nelson Kamau.

Githinji was serving a three-year sentence handed to him by Kikuyu law courts in November last year after he was convicted for burglary and stealing. He said he had served six months.

The convict was among inmates working at the prison’s dairy farm when he noticed that the officers and other inmates were not keen on him and ran away, abandoning a wheelbarrow he was using to carry manure with.

A manhunt was launched but he was not rearrested during the subsequent search.

The incident was reported to police who tracked him to his home in Kikuyu.