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Burnout: Mamake Bobo deletes account as Facebook takes toll on her

Social media influencer Mamake Bobo, whose real name is Lorna Mweu, left her legion of online fans flabbergasted when she decided to delete her social media accounts early this week.

Known to evoke controversial topics for discussion online, Mamake Bobo had amassed a huge following, especially from women. She is never shy to document bits of her life even when controversial, something that appeared to amuse many.

Keen on empowering women, she has just held a Period Party, which for the last two years taught young girls about menstrual health.

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That’s why her decision to ditch social media had many questioning if she is okay. Word has it that Mamake Bobo experienced burnout and a mental breakdown and deactivated her popular social accounts.

“I was tired of carrying people’s problems. I deleted the account with 90,000 unread messages. On a typical day, I would receive about 300 messages and all these people had problems. Imagine listening to people’s problems and not being able to solve them. I couldn’t take it anymore,” she said, adding that the weight of carrying other people’s problems became too much for her.

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A friend also confirmed Mamake Bobo’s mental turmoil.

“I was speaking to her earlier and from our engagement one thing stood out. This is a woman that is happier. She had a seven figures income from this very platform (Facebook) and she walked away from it all. She told me, ‘Terry I leave you my people but most importantly take care of you babe, don’t lose yourself in the process’” the friend said.

“I might or might never command her type of following but one thing is for sure, if your mental state is at stake either in marriage or work, it can only save you. Don’t drown in a space that no longer serves you or makes you happy. People will call it an emotive move, I call it retaining your sanity,” the friend added.

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