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Chebet Ronoh: Why women don’t make loyal friends

If there is one thing that radio personality Alex Mwakideu and content creator Chebet Ronoh agree on, is that there is no such thing as ‘having female friends’.

According to Ronoh, female friendships are far-fetched and are never feasible.

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“You can’t have a lot of female friends, you will die. Female friends can never be loyal to you. For every female, if you do need them and the situation is not in their favour, they are gone. Basically if the odds are not in their favour, it’s done for you,” Ronoh said.

“Simply put, if you are not giving a female anything, she is not going to be around you, that’s for sure. Which is different for men. They can stay even when they aren’t getting something from someone. In my experience male friends are the most loyal people you could surround yourself with,” she explained.

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Mwakideu agrees. According to the renowned radio presenter, there is no such thing as female friends.

“You can never have females as friends, especially as a man. That never works. It has never worked. It’s always a one-way kind of a situation. But men can be friends and remain loyal to each other,” he said.

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