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Chiki opens up about her alleged open marriage with Sauti Sol’s Bien

Radio presenter Chiki Kuruka – real name- Chiki Omwukwe – has cleared the air about her alleged open marriage to Sauti Sol’s Bien saying that word that has been making rounds on social media is all but bad reporting.

Ever since Bien opened up about the details of his marriage hinting at it being an open marriage, netizens have been on his neck about his marriage to the media personality with many of the opinion that he allows a lot to slide in his union with Chiki.

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The radio personality, however, recently came out to shut down the rumors that her marriage is an open one claiming that people misunderstood what her husband said about their marriage.

In an interview with a local publication, Chiki explained what transpired before things about her marriage escalated in online blogs, further disclosing that Bien did not say their marriage was open.

“He never said that, again that was just bad reporting. He said two things. The first was on the family where I went to Ghana and met Idris Elba, so first, you have to understand me and Bien’s sense of humour, he was like you met Idris Elba and you didn’t smash? It was a joke,” said Chiki.

She further explained that when Bien talked about giving her the freedom to do what she wants, he didn’t mean that she is allowed to violate the boundaries of their marriage.

“Then when he was asked on [Over 25 YouTube interview] about marriage what he said is that ‘I don’t feel strong marriages you own your partner’ your partner has the freedom to do whatever it is they want to do,” she said.

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The radio presenter cum dance enthusiast also expressed her distaste for how many of her social media in-laws keep pressuring her to get children.

“When do I not get pressured? I teach a lot of women so women are my passion. I think we really need to be careful in all societies about putting undue pressure on women to have children,” she said.

Chiki told off people who keep reaching out to her in regards to getting a child.

“First and foremost, you don’t know what someone’s biological status is, there are so many women who are unable to give birth and you find that someone unable to do so is constantly seeing on the feed questions about when they are going to give birth,” Chiki said adding, “I am not saying that it’s my particular status.”

Chiki further cited societal pressure put on women as she is the one who is constantly asked about plans to get children whereas Bien is rarely asked.

“Second of all, I hate the gender difference because I can’t post a picture without someone saying when are you giving birth. I am yet to see that on Bien’s page, and it takes two to have a baby,” she said.

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