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Chipukeezy acknowledges Eric Omondi’s mentorship

Comedian Chipukeezy has given credit to fellow comedian Eric Omondi for the mentorship the latter offered when he first started in the industry.

Speaking in a radio interview, the talented comedian expressed his deep appreciation for the guidance and support he received from Omondi, who helped him navigate the comedy business and elevate his craft.

Chipukeezy was in his early 20s when he embarked on his comedy journey, while Eric had already made a significant impact in the industry.

Recounting the mentorship he received, Chipukeezy fondly remembered wearing Eric Omondi’s clothes.

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“I will have Eric Omondi as the MC at my 10 years celebration event. Churchill gave me an opportunity, he mentored me to be who I am, but Eric Omondi took me to the next level. He helped me, and I used to even wear his clothes,” Chipukeezy said.

The bond between the two comedians extends beyond just professional collaboration.

Chipukeezy expressed gratitude for the opportunities Eric gave him, including his first show abroad, which was a significant milestone in his career.

“He played a part in making me understand the comedy business better. I was a small brother, and he tried very much to see to it that I was not taken advantage of. He gave me more shows than the way the industry gave me,” Chipukeezy recounted.

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Having experienced remarkable growth in the comedy industry over the past 10 years, Chipukeezy is now keen on working with and supporting young artistes to ensure the sustainability and development of the entertainment sector.

He highlighted his most significant moment in comedy, which was opening for US comedian Kart Williams in Washington DC, an opportunity that came through a connection from a Nigerian comedian.

Chipukeezy is having Eric Omondi as the MC at his upcoming 10-year celebration event at MKU Thika on August 5th.

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