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Chunga! You must keep your body count a secret

In urban slang, body count refers to the number of sexual partners someone has had. It’s an informal term often used to discuss or inquire about a person’s sexual history or experience.

Talking about body counts often occurs in settings where people are either bragging about their popularity with multiple sexual partners or as cautionary tales in minding about one’s sexual and reproductive health. Quite often, the first reason is always the only reason.

In 2019, former radio media personality Kamene Goro bragged about her body count. Ever vocal about her life and her lifestyle choices, Kamene revealed that she had a body count of 27 sexual partners by then – and today in 2023, it is possible that the number went up some and then stopped when she got married to DJ Bonez.

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Following her salacious revelation, Kamene faced harsh criticism and trolling, pushing her to confess that the period that followed after her confession was one of the hardest times in her life.

So why is it a bad idea to reveal your body count to a potential partner, to friends and to the public (not on Kamene’s scale though)?

Like Kamene, if you dare reveal your body count and it happens to be quite a sizeable number, the first thing you will experience is harsh judgement and criticism- especially in a conservative and traditional society like Kenya despite claims it is becoming a modern society. We are still not accepting of some lifestyle choices.

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People will unfairly label you or make assumptions about your character- you are either a public or closeted street walker, or a sex addict- and this will be damaging to your reputation and self esteem.

Making such disclosures will make people begin comparing you to other people who are considered proper. You will begin experiencing pressure and insecurity about yourself and begin to find ways to clean up your image to meet societal expectations. This is where you will make all sorts of mistakes to people please and you will end up enduring stress and depression by yourself.

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No one will pity you because they will keep remembering your past. Aside from these comparisons, you will also become a hot gossip item in your community and potential partners will give you a wide berth when loneliness ‘beats you a good one’.

At the end of the day, the biggest price you will pay for revealing your body count is regret. You will be judged through hell and high water. You will regret giving people an opportunity to have opinions about your life and your suitability as a human and romantic partner to anyone.

Do not reveal your body count… protect your emotional, mental and societal well being. These people were not in the room with you while you were collecting your body count, why should you give them a front row seat to conduct post mortems on your activities?

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