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Dear Kenyan men, embrace bromance for happier lives

‘No homo’ is the first thing many people tend to think of when they hear the urban slang term ‘bromance.’ Automatically, people assume that if two men are too close to each other, it is an uncomfortable phenomenon to witness.

Others assume there is something romantic going on between them behind closed doors while others think that either of the men in the bromance is emasculated or immature.

But bromance can be good. Men spending time together is not always about them being club buddies, wing men when seeking sexual partners, hustle partners or all about YOLO…they can lead happy, healthier lives by being close to each other.

Here’s why men should embrace bromance:

  1. Close friendships in bromance allow men to engage in activities, hobbies and meaningful shared experiences that offer a break from daily stressors. Spending quality time with friends can provide a healthy outlet for relaxation, laughter and clean fun- contributing to a balanced and happier life.
  2. Bromance encourages personal growth and self-improvement. Through mutual support and encouragement, men can inspire each other to pursue goals, explore new interests and challenge themselves. Having a trusted friend by their side can enhance motivation to become better human beings and provide valuable guidance in various aspects of life such as finances, social lives and family life.
  3. Bromance provides a unique avenue for men to form close, meaningful friendships where emotional support and understanding can thrive. It allows men to share their thoughts, feelings and vulnerabilities in a safe and non-judgmental space, therefore, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie. This is especially important in the instances when men feel they cannot talk to either their parents or partners/wives about things bothering them. Having such conversations will ease a man’s burdens and he can return to his life a calm and happier person than he was hours before.
  4. Building strong friendships through bromance can have positive effects on mental health. Men often face societal pressure to suppress their emotions (because men aren’t expected to cry or break down) which can lead to isolation and loneliness. Bromance challenges these stereotypes by encouraging open communication and empathy, therefore promoting one’s overall well-being.
  5. At the end of the day, the most important reason why men should embrace bromance is that this is the platform and opportunity to form lifelong friendships. We live in a society where ghosting each other at the drop of a hat and making future plans that won’t happen has become a norm. Bromances offer a support system for men to endure life’s up and downs because these friendships offer stability, trust and companionship that enrich one’s life.

That said, do you have a bromance? Do you intend to start one? Have I convinced you to begin one?

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