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CITY GIRL: Time the likes of Moses Kuria got media blackout

By CITY GIRL April 28th, 2017 2 min read

Manners maketh man, so the English say. If we were to go by this definition, however, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria would fall far too short.

Not only is he a narcissist, he is also the proud owner of a loose mouth.

For a former farmhand, who has made it through life by riding on the coat-tails of his powerful friends, Moses Kuria has done very well for himself despite being an irrational and hysterical politician.

He deserves a medal for rising from obscurity and nothingness to national notoriety by simply kowtowing to the powers that be.

Moses Kuria has his loose tongue to thank for every height he has scaled, for were it not for his ungoverned mouth, his name would never have reached our ears.

He is a unapologetic misogynist who makes crude comments about women parliamentarians.

His Facebook page is a landfill where all manner of ghastly ner’-do-wells congregate to sit at the feet of the high priest of hate speech, the “Donald Trump” of Gatundu himself.


This MP has been in and out of court, not once, but several times, for hate speech charges, though, we have to give it to him, he is yet to be convicted. As a result, he walks free among us, and even wins elections.

Not even a few nights in police custody can break the undying spirit of the godfather of vitriol who stands firm and digs his heels in his hateful antics for all to behold.

The sycophant-in-chief does not deserve to be in Parliament. He does not deserve the ‘leader’ title and is at best a fame-hungry and pathetic politician who only exists to serve at the pleasure of his powerful friends.

If you ask me, he deserves to be jostling for space in the political scrapheap, right next to fellow mysogynists such as the soon to be former governor of Kiambu.

Moses Kuria, is exactly the kind of leader that Kenyans, let alone the people of Gatundu, do not need. We do not need leaders with an untempered temperament and who cannot keep their words in their mouths. We do not need ‘leaders’ who are rude and crude charlatans.

We have allowed Moses Kuria to get away with too much, and it is time for someone to stand up to this man and tell him, enough is enough.


Kenyans have had enough of your diatribes. Yes, we have heard you crystal clear, that you think some women should be disrespected only because they dare to challenge you.

Moses Kuria this week insulted a journalist on television for simply asking a few innocent questions.

Feigning anger and appearing to be courageous and no-nonsensical, Kuria vehemently denied whatever he was being accused off, signing off with the ‘f’ word and walking away, as if he was talking to an ex-girlfriend. All this happened on live television.

You see, Kuria thinks he is so smart and brilliant, that he can insult a journalist — and Kenyans, by extension — and get away with it.

He is one of the new crop of leaders who think that the rule of law does not apply to them, operating under a misguided belief that they are untouchable and invincible.

He is arrogance personified, and he belongs to that club of leaders who think they are above moral standards and can misbehave and walk scot free.

Maybe, it is time we taught leaders like Kuria a real lesson. It is time for us to give them total media blackout and throw them in jail where they truly belong.