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Comedian attempts to explain why some men are attracted to MP Peter Kaluma

Homa Bay town MP Peter Kaluma, who has tabled a Bill in Parliament that seeks to punish homosexuality in Kenya with life imprisonment, this week revealed how another man attempted to seduce him while he was on a foreign trip.

Mr Kaluma made the revelation during a later press conference on Wednesday after his proposed amendments were made public.

“I was in a foreign country and a man asked me to go out to sleep with him. He had the audacity to tell me I look nicely round. What level of immorality is that?” said Kaluma.

Now, renowned comedian, Francis Kibe aka Rapcha the Sayantist has explained why some men would be sexually attracted to the MP.

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“There are things called pheromones, that is science for those people who know. It smells like flowers. Now, this guy secretes them and it attracts these other type of men. These guys who seduce fellow men, they can’t be attracted to our backsides because our backsides all look alike. They can’t be attracted to the face because men’s faces are something else, because guys always ask if one is a boobs or butt person. So it’s pheromones operating over here,” Rapcha said while appearing on Mwafreeka and DJ ZaQ’s Iko Nini? Podcast.

Mr Kaluma proposed the new LGBTQ Bill following the Supreme Court of Kenya’s decision to allow members of the queer community in Kenya to register associations to lobby for their rights. This ruling overturned a lower court’s decision which sided with the Non-Governmental Organization Registration Board to prevent members of the queer community from reserving six organization names for future registration.

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In his letter to the National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula, the MP said he was proposing that the laws be altered to increase the penalties for those found to be engaging and promoting homosexuality; and other unnatural acts.

Mr Kaluma has since revealed he had been receiving threats to withdraw his Bill from the House, and in his statements.

“I have received threats to withdraw from the enterprise. Those trying to do that should check my history on family. There is no backpedaling on this matter. Don’t call me to say I won’t go to your country, what do we lack in,” said Kaluma.

The Supreme Court’s has similarly been roundly criticized by religious organisations and political leaders including President William Ruto who said there is no place for same sex marriages in Kenya.

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