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Comedian Butita acknowledges Njugush, Larry Madowo, and Abel Mutua for his success

Comedian Butita attributes much of his success to the support and mentorship he received from prominent figures in the entertainment industry, including comedian Njugush, journalist Larry Madowo, and Abel Mutua.

Reflecting on his journey, Butita credits Larry Madowo as one of the catalysts for his rise to prominence.

When faced with challenges securing consistent shows on Churchill Show, Butita seized an opportunity to appear on Larry Madowo’s radio show, which ultimately led to an invitation to join NTV’s The Trend as a panelist.

” First I would attribute it to Larry Madowo. When Churchill show was becoming hard to get consistent shows every sunday, comedian Owago was called in an interview by Larry Madowo. He asked Larry if he would accommodate some of his friends, Chipukeezy and I attended Larry’s radio show and we made the show so great,” he explained.

Larry later asked Butita to attend his show on NTV where he later got himself a chance as a panelist on The Trend show.

This exposure provided Butita with a platform to showcase his talent and gain recognition within the industry.

Furthermore, Butita acknowledges the pivotal role played by Njugush and Abel Mutua in his career development. Joining forces with them in 2019, Butita found inspiration in their passion for nurturing talent, including recognition for behind-the-scenes contributors such as photographers.

“I pushed my name from there and this was so nice so much. I started getting some recognition. I used to write jokes for some comedians on Churchill show but they couldn’t recognize that,” he said.

Collaborating on projects like TTNT 1 and behind-the-scenes productions, Butita appreciated the open communication and support that helped him carve out his niche in the industry.

“Abel and Njugush who were so passionate about their behind the scene team. They would recognize all their people including photographers and that is how they started talking about my work as a creative in many shows.”

Additionally, Butita expresses gratitude to fellow comedian Eric Omondi for endorsing his brand and providing opportunities to showcase his writing skills on various content platforms.

However, he says his involvement with Netflix that proved to be a game-changer, propelling his career to new heights and opening doors to global recognition.

He was part of the team member that developed and directed the Swahili adaptation of The Upshaws for Netflix.

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