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Comedian Eric Omondi’s family react to his arrest, court date

By Wangu Kanuri February 22nd, 2023 1 min read

Eric Omondi’s brother Fred has backed his recent street demonstration over the high cost of living.

Fred, in an online interview, explained that Kenyans were struggling to make ends meet following the high cost of living.

“For the first time, Eric has done something that resonates with Kenyans. If you check Twitter, very many comments were in support of the demonstrations. Others are even wondering why he did not inform Kenyans so that they could be part of it,” he explained.

Fred also explained that Kenyans should believe and fight for the cause that will make their lives better.

“Let us fight for the economy.”

Fred, a comedian just like his brother, also explained that some senior government officials, whom he did not name, had told Police officers to deny his brother bail.

On whether Lynne, Eric’s girlfriend was worried by the turnover of events, Fred said the duo understand and support each other in a worthy course.

Omondi, a controversial media personality, was arrested on Tuesday for demonstrating outside Parliament buildings in Nairobi.

He led a demonstration of about a hundred youths who blocked Parliament avenue and demanded an audience with National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula.

He was arrested, locked up for the night, taken to court and charged with picketing.

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