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Comedian Njugush tickles crowd at Jamhuri day fete

Comedian Njugush left the crowd at Nyayo Stadium in stitches while entertaining guests during the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

The popular actor was performing alongside other content creators.

The entertainment segment was headed by comedian ‘Chipukeezy’ who introduced them as they did a ‘relay’ around the stadium.

“Mr President, this is not an ordinary relay but it has some of the best content creators in Kenya,” Chipukeezy said.

Comedian Kamami alias Terence Creative, Azziad Nasenya, Jacky Vike, MCA Tricky, and Crazy Kennar were among those who were in the relay.

The fastest man in Africa Ferdinand Omanyala was also part of the relay.

Hilarious Njugush, born Timothy Kimani, cut short the race and decided to run across the field.

The crowd cheered him on as Chipukeezy called his name out asking him to follow the rules.

“Njugush wacha.. wacha… rudi and ukimbie ukizunguka. Wakavinye unachoma ( Njugush stop, stop, run around the stadium),” Chipukeezy said.

President William Ruto burst into laughter with other dignitaries.

Comedian Njugush has since commented on the clip saying they had not agreed on a different race.

“Hawa Walileta mtihani hatukusomea jamani 🤣🤣🤣 alafu @ferdiomanyala akaleta A team yake. @jackyvike

Mambo ni magoti….”

Here is what his fans said;

karehb_official: Haki nilikukataza zile njugu ulikula jana

eddiebutita: Wameleta emergency paper.

“wangui_karanja: Lakini mbona uliamua kuvunja sheria.

In his speech to mark Kenya’s 59th birthday, President William Ruto said if he was not working for the government, he would also be creating content online and earning from his 2.3 million followers on social media.