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Cost of power connection reduced

It will now cost you only Sh15,000 to get connected to the Kenya Power grid.

This is a reduction of Sh20,000 from the previous rates of Sh35,000 and the fee will be payable in installments.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the new connection fee Wednesday during a ceremony to launch the utility firm’s Sh34 billion ‘Last Mile’ connectivity project, which seeks to connect more than 300,000 new customers.

Ben Chumo, Kenya Power’s managing director, had earlier this month said applicants to the project will see the cost recovered through their monthly bills over three to five years.

Kenya Power had been charging a standard Sh35, 000 connection fee for a single-phase line but has been asking some customers to pay a market price of about Sh70,000 for every pole used in connection.

Besides the fee, customers are also expected to have wired their homes or buildings before they are connected, a requirement that adds to the overall cost.

Kenya Power said deployment of new, cheaper technology dubbed Single Wire Earth Return in the Last Mile project promises customers lower connection charges.