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County Union bosses back Sakaja amid DCI probe

The Kenya County Government Workers Union (KCGWU) has defended Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja’s administration amid reports of misappropriation of funds.

In a media address on August 13, 2023, the union members led by Nairobi branch secretary Ngari Festus described the accusations against top county officials as a plot by cartels to disrupt Sakaja’s administration.

They claim some powerful individuals, whom they did not name, are out to disrupt the smooth running of affairs at City Hall, despite strides made by Governor Johnson Sakaja.

These strides include the prompt payment of workers’ salaries, infrastructure development, and maintenance, plus the recently launched school-lunch program.

“We know these faceless cartels in conjunction with some rogue County officials have an appetite for squandering public monies and are out to destabilize the current regime for selfish interest,” said Mr Ngari.

They asked the county boss and his government to ignore the threat from cartels.

“We offer our full support for the Governor and his administration to reform and streamline operations at the county Finance department.”

The members further advised Finance County Executive Committe (CEC) member Charles Kerich and Chief Finance Officer Ms Asha Abdi to ignore the threats from those who ‘intend to cause chaos’.

“We fear that if these cartels have their way, we are likely to sink back to the days where staff salaries were diverted to pay supplies and contractors leading to endless salary delays which we have not experienced in the past year of this particular administration.”

At the event, Nairobi branch union boss Calvince Okello, who is also the union’s assistant secretary praised the Governor for improving the welfare of workers.

“We have not had an issue with the employer welfare since Sakaja took over,” he said.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) recently confirmed he was investigating alleged irregular payments made by the county under Sakaja’s watch.

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