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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Size 8 battle with the devil to ‘lure her back to money and fame’

Prominent gospel singer Size 8 has opened up about a recent spiritual battle that left her fighting for her life while confined to a hospital bed.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the devoted mother of two unveiled the details of her ordeal.

“I know most of my followers do not know that I have been sick days after my birthday. I was very ill and I almost lost it,” she revealed.

Size 8 recounted her health scare that initially led her to seek medical attention.

“This is the battle I have faced all my years after I got saved. The devil did not believe that I was leaving the world full of money and fame. I actually no longer try to seek fame at any chance. I want to be known for serving God.”

Medical examinations, however, yielded a diagnosis of mild migraines.

Size 8 embarked on a journey of fervent prayers and fasting.

Through this spiritual introspection, she came to a revelation that shed light on the intense battle she was waging against dark forces determined to obstruct her spiritual path.

“The devil was displeased by my decision to embrace salvation. He made a vow that I would never preach.

Despite the challenges, I decided to wholeheartedly serve God. My conversion to Christianity happened during the zenith of my secular career.

I now live my life for Christ and endeavor to spread His teachings,” Size 8 revealed.

In a startling disclosure, the gospel artist unveiled a sinister altar that was a focal point for the spiritual battle she faced.

This altar, from her father’s side, aimed to manipulate her into disseminating immorality and recruiting others into the devil’s realm.

“I was struck with a week-long ailment that manifested as migraines and pressure. However, with steadfast prayer and unwavering faith, I am confident that I will not succumb to illness again.

We are actively working to dismantle these dark altars. Every individual grapple with unique battles, but with God’s intervention, victory is attainable.

This ordeal was undoubtedly a spiritual battle, one that Jesus Christ ultimately triumphed over,” Size 8 said.

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