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‘Criminals at Afya House’ leave Mutahi Kagwe livid

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Wednesday blasted what he called mafioso in his ministry vowing to dismantle it.

The CS says he is working to unearth a few individuals ruining the good name of his office, by conducting illegal businesses.

CS Kagwe said that he was aware that a few Ministry of Health employees were engaging in illegal businesses of issuing fake tenders to unsuspecting businessmen.

Acknowledged the existence of good employees

The known incidents, he says, has already been reported to the police and investigations were ongoing.

He, however, acknowledged the existence of good employees at the ministry.

“Let me tell you something, this building here called Afya House, it has some very good people, it has very committed people, it has people who work day and night and work so hard in such difficult circumstances,” CS Kagwe said.

“But this building here also has its fair share of criminals, like any other market place there are a few mad cases in here. And we will unearth them as we move on. These are the people who will call a public office, a businessman and tell them they have an order they will help get it with a fake tender.”

CS Kagwe says that it is those mafioso who offer deals to businessmen to supply pens, computers and even blood.

“This is a case that is continuing with the DCI, and it is not the only case; there are other cases within this Ministry that are continuing. So we know that they are in here,” explained CS Kagwe.

He clarified that the officers who were transferred earlier this month to different departments at the ministry, the reason was not that they were found guilty of any misconduct.

“And by the way just to make it clear the officers we transferred were not necessarily criminal. It is normal to move people around in the procurement sector, finance sector. Just like any other sector and Ministry we also have our share of challenges. We have a few bad apples,”

This week, businesswoman Mercy Wanjiku appeared in court on May 22, to answer to charges of obtaining Covid -19 testing kits and Personal Protective Equipment [PPEs] valued at Sh5 million from a construction firm after forging Ministry of Health tender documents.