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Daddy Owen subjected to Dubai airport security interrogation due to ‘cross-eyed’ condition

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has opened up about a recent encounter with security personnel at a Dubai airport due to his unique condition.

The singer, who lost one of his eyes in a past incident, revealed in an interview with Oga Obinna how his cross-eyed condition led to an unexpected glitch during airport security procedures.

He and two friends had landed in Dubai and were subjected to the standard eye scan that is part of the airport’s security protocols.

However, while his friends were cleared without any issues, Owen’s experience took an unexpected turn.

“I entered Dubai with two friends, you know these days in Dubai when you arrive, you undergo scanning with that globe thing. They scanned my friends, but when it came to me, it rejected,” Owen shared.

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As a result of the system glitch, Owen says he was summoned into an interrogation room for further investigation.

He had to put in considerable effort to explain to the security personnel that his cross-eyed condition was the reason for the discrepancy.

“Nilipelekwa interrogation room, before niexplain jicho moja sioni ilikua kibarua, before wanielewe ilikua kibarua,” he explained.

(“I was taken to an interrogation room, before I explained, one of my eyes cannot see, it was a challenge, before they understood that it was a challenge.”)

Daddy Owen has in the past told his fans and followers that he lost his eye after he was attacked by people who beat him up to the point of him losing one of his eyes.

Owen was a violent thief who survived by stealing people’s wallets and phones before he got saved.

Beyond the incident at Dubai airport, Daddy Owen also delved into the day-to-day challenges of living with a cross-eyed condition.

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He revealed that conversations with people can sometimes be difficult, as his gaze may be misinterpreted as disinterest or inattention.

This has led to moments of misunderstanding, where others might not fully comprehend his perspective.

In particular, Daddy Owen pointed out the challenges of interactions with women, as his cross-eyed condition can sometimes lead to misconceptions.

He shared that there is a risk of being misunderstood as staring inappropriately, as some may assume that he is gazing at certain areas when, in fact, his condition makes his line of sight appear different.

“Sometimes, you also give photographers a hard time trying to make them understand that you are indeed looking at them when they think you are looking elsewhere.”

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