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Pastor Ng’ang’a resolves to ‘die poor but happy’ leaving nothing to his children

James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has unveiled a profound shift in his life’s perspective, declaring his intention to depart this world as a contented man who has devoted his resources to God’s service.

In a recent service, the spiritual leader shared his vision for the future of his ministry and his determination to employ his personal earnings to fulfill his divine calling.

During the service, Ng’ang’a revealed his plan to extend the reach of his ministry beyond Kenya’s borders, expressing his intention to establish new branches in various corners of the globe.

Unveiling his unique funding approach, he announced that he would be using his hard-earned savings for this ambitious undertaking.

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He justified this choice by emphasizing his desire to prevent his wealth from being misused by his family after his passing.

“I have started three groups. I want to start three more TV stations in other countries. I have gone to the bank, withdrew, sh1 million,” Ng’ang’a said.

He further detailed that he would be allocating sh1 million per month for these endeavors, reflecting his dedication to spreading the teachings of God across diverse regions.

He noted that witnessing others’ wealth squandered by unscrupulous individuals upon their death motivated his decision.

“I will use my money to preach and go to the grave as a poor man. I know there are children involved, but what about me? Was I not somebody’s child?” he questioned.

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Drawing from his own experiences, Ng’ang’a raised the point that wealth inheritance isn’t guaranteed, asserting that his children would only inherit if they earned it through their own efforts.

Ng’ang’a reiterated that his primary focus was on his divine service, not accumulating wealth for the sake of his family’s future.

“I am not working for them but for Christ. I will give them if it will remain, but I will not stop using my money because I have children,” he said.

Ng’ang’a also dismissed speculations about his potential political aspirations, asserting that his path was devoid of political ambitions.

“I am okay when some of you do not like me. I am not vying for any political seat in 2027. I don’t need any votes so,” he said.

In the past, Pastor Ng’anga shared that he is a father of many children and mostly in Ukambani.

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