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Pastor Ng’ang’a defends selling ‘holy water’

The founder of Neno Evangelism, popularly known as “Apostle” James Maina Ng’ang’a, has once again found himself embroiled in a heated controversy.

This time, his pastors within the church have allegedly openly attacked him for his practice of selling what he claims to be “holy water.”

The incident unfolded during one of his recent sermons, where Ng’ang’a defended his actions while recounting his troubled past.

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In a fiery outburst that stunned the congregation, Ng’ang’a urged his fellow pastors to show him respect, citing his tough journey from a troubled past.

“I have smoked bhang, I have raped women, I have carried guns, and then you want to come here and put limits on what I should do when you haven’t even carried a knife,” Ng’ang’a angrily said.

The controversial figure, known for his extravagant sermons and flamboyant lifestyle, continued by brandishing a bottle of what he claimed to be “holy water.”

He asserted that the water possessed supernatural powers and demanded payment for it.

“This is not common water, and I will not give it to you for free,” he proclaimed.

“Pay the price if you want it. Free things are not good.”

Ng’ang’a also threatened to sell items believed to have miraculous properties, including a towel and even people’s hair.

“Blast me today for selling water, and I will start selling stones so that you can troll me,” he provocatively declared.

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“I will sell everything, including your mother.”

The self-proclaimed “miracle maker” did not hold back in criticizing his fellow pastors, accusing them of interfering in his affairs and lacking the authority to question him.

“Some of you pastors talk too much, mind your own business with your church,” Ng’ang’a rebuked.

“Stop attacking me; I am not your agemate. I did not go to school with you, so limit your faith and church.”

This is not the first time Ng’ang’a has courted controversy. In the past, he threatened to close Neno Evangelism Church branches, claiming the bishops do not respect his wife.

In a video, he is seen telling the bishops that he would eject all of them if they do not heed his warning, since the “church branches had become kiosks”.

“This time round I will show you my power…. Any woman who will not respect my wife…… You found me here with your wives, you have enriched yourselves from my efforts. Stupid…. arrogant…….. I was preaching on a cart…. I swear before God I will show you who is Ng’ang’a…..”

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