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Why I cross-dressed at State House – TikToker Kinuthia

TikTok content creator Official Kinuthia, known for his cross-dressing style, confidently defended his choice of outfit and make-up when he was invited to the Talanta Hela event at State House on Friday, 9 June.

Arriving in a stunning red suit and stylish heels, Kinuthia turned heads. His natural hairstyle and carefully applied makeup further defined his look.

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In an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve on Sunday, June 11, Kinuthia expressed his excitement at being invited to the State House function.

“I am extremely happy. It’s such a wonderful feeling. I feel so lucky, it’s such a golden opportunity. If I had a flight today, I would have cancelled it,” he said, grateful to be among the chosen few.

He added: “It’s also a chance to see the president with your own eyes. Where else would you see him except during the election campaign? But after that, where else would you see him?” Kinuthia appreciated the opportunity to attend such an event.

Stressing that it was a unique opportunity, Kinuthia said he was looking forward to the outcome and recommendations of the Talanta Hela team.

He praised the Talanta Hela initiative for its progressive nature, saying, “It will be helpful so that we don’t waste any more time. I felt we were wasting a lot of time fighting for a better camera or better equipment. But now, if you see something that can help you, it’s really, really good.”

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On his decision to wear red, Kinuthia explained: “By the way, I got the invitation yesterday (Thursday 8 June) and I was thinking about what to wear. Then I remembered this outfit that I had worn before and taken pictures in. I thought this is what I will wear tomorrow,” he said, referring to his two-piece red suit.

He also mentioned his decision to wear natural hair away from the wigs he is known to flaunt when shooting his content.

“I was coming to State House, so I wanted to do something different,” he said.

Kinuthia also addressed the attention he receives when he wears women’s clothing in public, acknowledging that it can be a shocking experience for some.

However, he insisted that it is part of his brand and what he is known for.

He said, “Everyone is surprised when I walk into a place dressed like that. It’s a shock because they didn’t expect me to come like this. But this is the brand. This is the Kinuthia that everybody knows. So when you are called to a certain place as a brand, you should go how you should. People should be used to it by now.”

To reassure Kenyans, Kinuthia insisted that his choice of clothes was all about his brand and nothing else.

He posed a question: “If I didn’t do my content, would you have known me?”

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