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Dagoretti North lawmaker Beatrice Elachi appeals to Ruto on women matters

By Winnie Onyando December 27th, 2023 2 min read

Dagoretti North MP Beatrice Elachi has appealed to President William Ruto to engage with women beyond political affiliations.

She advocates for a collective forum where women, irrespective of their political inclinations, can come together to address issues that directly impact their lives.

Speaking at the launch of Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) in Nairobi, Elachi said that while the Head of State has engaged with numerous groups to deliberate on pertinent issues, a dedicated conversation focusing on women’s concerns has not been done.

“I extend a challenge to the President to convene a dedicated meeting with women, solely focused on addressing the issues that significantly impact them. Despite engaging with various groups, there has not been a special meeting with women just to discuss the things that affect them. It is time to rectify this omission and ensure that the concerns of women are given the attention they rightfully deserve,” Elachi said.

President Ruto has extended a warm welcome to various groups at State House, including religious leaders who have conducted prayers and anointed the premises.

Elachi also encouraged women to unite and support each other.

“By joining forces, we have the potential to achieve remarkable feats. Let us unite and support each other, for in our collective strength lies the power to accomplish significant milestones,” she added.

During the event, the lawmakers discuss issues affecting them including the challenges they face when motions and petitions touching on women such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and provisions on sanitary towels are lined up for debate in the house.

They claimed that their male counterparts always walk out on them saying those are matters that do not affect them.

They call upon the government to recognize women’s efforts and even reward those who have kept the faith and made great achievements till to date.

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