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Demons! Samidoh’s cousin calls out ‘jealous’ side chics

Bernice Saroni, widely known as MamakeBoyz and cousin to popular Kenyan musician Samidoh, has taken a bold stance on relationships, specifically addressing the intricate issue of side chics.

Her insights have ignited discussions among women across social media platforms.

In a message delivered on September 7, Saroni classified side chics into two distinct categories, shedding light on their contrasting behaviors and motivations.

Her candid commentary on TikTok has resonated with many who have encountered such situations in their lives.

“The first one likes to stay a secret,” she began her discourse, “She doesn’t like the wife to know about her presence. She dates the married man and minds her own business.”

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This description paints the first type of side chick as one who maintains discretion, often keeping her involvement hidden from the spouse.

However, it was the second category that garnered the most passionate response from Bernice Saroni. She labeled them as “pepo,” describing them as destroyers fueled by jealousy and competition.

“That one will make her presence known. She will abuse the wife, and you are left wondering, why are you abusing the wife? The wife doesn’t look for you; you went looking for her. You are the homewrecker,” Saroni said.

Saroni’s message carried a resounding plea for women to prioritize self-love and self-worth.

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She urged women not to become entangled with married men, emphasizing that these relationships lead to a lack of peace and happiness in the long run.

“If you have decided to be a side chick, you are number 2,” she declared firmly.

“This man, at the beginning, told you he is married, he has children, he never said he would leave his wife for you. So why can’t you go there and just keep quiet and mind your business? Because if you believe in yourself that you are beautiful, you cannot date a married man.”

Her message culminated with a heartfelt plea for women to value themselves, prioritize their well-being, and seek relationships that align with their true desires.

“You will not be a second wife, and you will get your own man. Side chick type 2, stop jealousy and competition; at the end of the day, it will cost you your peace.”

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