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Details of Abel Mutua’s attack in town for stealing Sarah Hassan from OJ

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 11th, 2023 2 min read

Award-winning actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua shared a life-changing story from 2012 when he nearly lost his life due to overworking and how his on-screen bad boy persona saw him get attacked in town.

In a candid interview with the Mic Cheque Podcast, the former “Tahidi High” star disclosed the harrowing experience that unfolded while striving to make ends meet for himself and his pregnant girlfriend.

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Mutua recalled a frightening incident in the confines of his home, where his house help played an unexpected heroic role in saving his life.

“I fainted in the bathroom naked, with only the house help in the house. She was the only one home, so she had to help me.”

The actor-turned-writer revealed the intense pressure he was under, explaining: “I had overworked myself because I had just gotten my first child. I had the fear of, ‘My kid is here; I can’t give them excuses; you have to provide.'”

In those days, Mutua juggled multiple roles in the television industry, working tirelessly as an actor and scriptwriter.

He took fans behind the scenes of his hectic schedule, saying, “I used to write scripts for ‘Tahidi High’ and ‘Mother-In-Law.’ I used to go for ‘Tahidi’ during the day as a cast, and when the scene was not mine, I went behind the camera to shoot because I was still a camera operator. When people finish the day and go to sleep, I write the script for the next episode.”

The relentless multitasking eventually took its toll on Mutua, leading to severe burnout.

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He shared how he would often return home, start writing scripts, and only finish when the alarm signaled it was time to shower and return to set.

In response to the physical and mental strain, Mutua devised a clever strategy to allocate himself fewer scenes on set, allowing him some much-needed rest.

During the interview, the actor also delved into some memorable moments from his career, including a behind-the-scenes anecdote about creating a scene where he could share a kiss with his co-star, Tanya (played by Sarah Hassan), on the set of “Tahidi High.”

Mutua’s portrayal of a “bad boy” character on the show also had its share of real-life consequences.

He recalled an incident where he was physically attacked by an enraged fan in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

The fan believed Mutua’s character was interfering with the budding on-screen romance between OJ (Dennis Mugo) and Tanya.

“What used to surprise me was how the audience used to take the show very personally. I was once beaten in town for always cockblocking OJ when trying to hit on Tanya on the show.”

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