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Diamond Platnumz to attempt stage diving stunt at Nairobi’s Tusker Oktobafest

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz is set to surprise and entertain his fans in Nairobi this weekend as part of the annual Tusker Oktobafest cultural celebration.

In an exciting move, Diamond promised to attempt a daring stage diving stunt during his upcoming performance in the Kenyan capital, promising to make it a show to remember.

Taking to his Instagram page, Diamond Platnumz shared a video of an artist stage diving and declared, “I wanna try and do this in my Nairobi upcoming show.”

The announcement has generated considerable anticipation among his fans.

Tusker Oktobafest, a month-long cultural celebration, brings together an impressive lineup of musicians from various East African countries, including South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. The festival, renowned for celebrating East African identity and musical diversity, commenced in Juba, South Sudan, on October 21st with a grand opening featuring headliner Harmonize from Tanzania, along with South Sudan’s John Frog and Kenyan artist Ndovu Kuu, who serves as the brand ambassador for Tusker.

Simultaneously, in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, the festivities continued with a thrilling roster of artists. This lineup included the legendary Ugandan artist Jose Chameleone, Tanzanian star Ali Kiba, and Kenyan rapper and singer Nyashinski.

The celebration doesn’t stop there. On October 22nd, the festival moves to Kampala, Uganda, where Harmonize and Nyashinski will be joined by the talented Ugandan singer Azawi, ensuring that the regional musical diversity and talent are on full display.

The grand finale of Tusker Oktobafest takes place from October 27th to 29th at Ngong Racecourse featuring some of the region’s biggest stars, including the incredibly famous Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz, Kenya’s Nyashinski, and South Sudan’s John Frog.

What is Stage diving”

Stage diving is a daring and often crowd-pleasing performance move where a person, typically a musician, leaps off the stage and into the audience during a live concert or performance.

The individual stage diver is typically a musician or performer, and they jump into the crowd with the expectation that the audience will catch them and pass them around.

Stage diving is most common in rock, punk, and other high-energy music genres where the crowd is known for its enthusiasm and participation.

The person jumping off the stage typically trusts the audience to support them and prevent them from falling or getting hurt.

It’s important to note that stage diving can be risky, both for the person diving and for the audience. If the crowd fails to catch the stage diver or does not support them adequately, it can lead to injury.

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