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Divorced Jimal Rohosafi speaks on remarriage

Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi appears to be getting in touch with his spirituality after he took to social media to ask God for forgiveness as he embarked on his 2023.

His prayer request came hours after his rumored girlfriend, Wangari Thiongo, finally confirmed they were an item after months of speculation that she was another of his Instagram influencer “friends” following years of love affair scandals where Jimal was at the center.

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He accompanied his prayer request with an intimation that he was probably going to marry again after his ex-wife, Amira, filed for divorce and it was finally granted in December 2022.

“Marry a woman that will secretly lay her hands on your head and pray for you while you’re sleeping rather than checking your phone. God, please don’t let our sins block our blessings. Please forgive me #2023 #newyearchange,” Jimal posted on January 2, 2023.

Jimal’s prayer came weeks after Amira took to her Instagram stories to celebrate being “happily divorced” after enduring highly publicized humiliation at the hands of Jimal Marlow.

It all began about four years ago when Jimal sought and went after Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, and got involved in a publicized affair.

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During this affair, Amber Ray did everything under the sun to flaunt being in a relationship with a married boyfriend, reveling in how he began calling her wife without any legalities.

The duo often engaged in online spats with Amira who was Jimal’s estranged wife then- as Amber threw shade, insulted and aggravated Amira – who by then decided to stop giving the couple headspace and began ignoring them.

Eventually, Amira moved on, filed for divorce, and embarked on rebuilding her life with her two sons.

During this period, Jimal and Amber continued flaunting their relationship all over social media until suddenly, news emerged that they had broken up.

It turned out that Jimal dumped Amber when she got pregnant for him and he ran back to ask his wife to forgive him.

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Amber remained jilted as Amira rejected her husband despite his long social media post dedicated to Amira, asking her to forgive him and take him back.

In the period where Jimal tried reconciling with Amira, he was once again spotted getting cosy with another woman, Wangari Thiongo, as they claimed they were just friends and she was his employee.

However, the content they posted on social media could be interpreted otherwise as Jimal kept up the ruse until his birthday when she finally revealed to the public that they were an item and she loved him.

It would, therefore, appear that Jimal is thinking of marrying and is hoping his infidelity sins will not block him from enjoying another marriage.

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