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Don’t dare link me to my husband – Akothee threatens legal action

Singer Akothee has issued a stern warning to anyone associating her with her Swiss husband, Denis Schweizer, daring to take legal action against those who propagate such connections.

During a live session on her Facebook account on 17 October, the mother of five addressed numerous inquiries about her husband, Denis, from her followers.

In response, Akothee fearlessly stood up to her detractors, vowing to pursue defamation of character charges against anyone who links her to the Swiss man.

“If you dare to call me Schweizer, I will take you to court for defamation of character,” she said.

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Akothee referred to her manager, Nelly Oaks as “babe” during the session, prompting some of her fans to express their concerns.

In response to these concerns, she said:

“I have no other name to call him (Nelly Oaks). How you choose to interpret it is none of my concern. There are certain qualities I admire in this man, and I have communicated this to him. I told him, ‘Just know that even if we never get married, inform your wife that there is a woman named Akothee who will always be a part of your life’.”

The celebrated artist also dismissed the notion that she is a “slay queen” and stated her preference for not divulging her personal life on social media.

She emphasized her desire to keep her private matters to herself.

Akothee went on to describe Nelly Oaks as a wealthy man with substantial assets.

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On October 1, Akothee disclosed that she had recently gone through a traumatic experience that left her shaken and emotionally unstable.

She described experiencing days without food and sleep and mentioned questioning her ability to manage her public image, family, and business.

“I started by monitoring my behaviors. I realised I was breaking down quite often for no reason, even during simple interviews. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t pinpoint the cause. I only learned about emotional abuse after starting therapy,” Akothee shared.

Akothee expressed her gratitude to her close friends, family, especially her children, and her best friend, Nelly Oaks, for providing unwavering support during her difficult period.

She stressed the importance of self-awareness in recognizing emotional instability and revealed that she had sought therapy to address her emotional state.

“I have emerged from a very dark place and have been privately healing. I am now in my second month of therapy. The trauma I endured after discovering the truth and some distressing revelations left me deeply affected,” she disclosed.

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