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DP Gachagua to Kenyan men: Marry Rwandan women; they are beautiful

Rigathi Gachagua, the Deputy President (DP), is undoubtedly one of the Kenyan leaders and men who are passionate about marriage and family building.

Married to Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, Mr Gachagua has publicly boasted about his family on numerous occasions.

During his tenure as MP for Mathira, he praised his family’s support during a corruption case that was later dismissed by the court.

He and President William Ruto managed to retain power in 2022 despite the challenges he faced.

The DP is committed to tackling illicit brewing and drug abuse in the country and believes that these efforts will help many families free themselves from the menace.

During a recent trip to Rwanda to represent President Ruto at the 30th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, Gachagua encouraged Kenyan men to consider marrying Rwandan women, citing their beauty.

Addressing Kenyans in Rwanda, he said: “Love is sweet, please marry these girls here.

Despite his encouragement of inter-country marriages, Gachagua stressed that the children of such unions would remain, Kenyan citizens, because their fathers were Kenyan.

To laughter, he said humorously: “No problem, but the children are ours. People should marry each other… Is there a problem?”

The DP praised Rwandan women, describing them as “beautiful, hardworking, loving and caring”.

He suggested that intermarriage between Kenyans and Rwandans could improve diplomatic relations between Kenya and Rwanda.

Referring to President Ruto’s recent declaration making Kenya a visa-free nation, Gachagua said: “I want to encourage our men to marry Rwandan women and this is something the government supports.

“We are one black people and we have one history. If Rwandans marry Kenyans and have children, it is good. It improves our relationship,” he explained.

He assured that the government would facilitate the processing of marriage certificates and other relevant documents to make it easier for couples to formalise their unions.

Gachagua, a father of two sons, remains a staunch advocate of marriage and family values.