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Eric Omondi: How I unknowingly flew my crush to meet her man

By Winnie Mabel January 15th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has revealed how a woman he was interested in during his university days played him for a fool. During a sit down with radio presenter Mwende Macharia, Omondi revealed how he booked flights for the unnamed woman and himself only for the woman to fly into another man’s arms after they landed.

“I was given character development several times in this Nairobi of ours. So, while I was still a student at Daystar University, we were scheduled to go on recess and there was this girl I really liked. I assumed she knew that I liked her.

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“One day, I told her I was going down to Kisumu County to visit my people and she said ‘Kisumu my home?’ It ended up that I paid flight tickets for the both of us. By this time I was having some good money. But as soon as we landed – she had told me she was also going to see people – those people came to pick her up at the Kisumu International Airport.

“The guy was huge and he goes like ‘Ah! Eric, you’re very funny my brother. Ah, you know Eric’ and the girl went like ‘Yeah, we go to the same school’. I was a very skinny person during those times so when we greeted each other and bumped shoulders, he hit me and I reeled back off balance.

“He took the girl and they got into a Toyota Prado and then she told me ‘Okay, thank you so much. When are we heading back? We meet on Thursday?’ It was Thursday and the recess was ending on Sunday. I had booked return tickets too. I’ll never forget. Chest pains,” Eric told Mwende Macharia in a conversation largely punctuated by hearty laughter.

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He added that he went home to his mother with so much heartache as this was his first Nairobi character development experience. He also went on to tell of character development he got when another girl he was interested in was “snatched” from him by another female.

“I’ve ever had my girl stolen from me by another woman. There was this girl called Jojo. My friends kept telling me ‘Bro, do you know who that girl is?’ and I was like ‘Leave her alone, what can she do? I am a man’ My girl also told me that Jojo was sweet talking her and kept asking her out. My girl warned me about Jojo so many times. Nothing can kill your self-esteem like this situation. It became known everywhere,” he recounted.

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