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Eric Omondi tells off Kamene and Obinna

The grudge between comedian Eric Omondi and the KISS FM breakfast duo is far from over as the situation took a new turn.

On Tuesday, through a clip, the agitated Omondi addressed Kamene Goro and her co-presenter Obinna asking them to stop talking about him during their radio program.

He started by asking all the Kenyans in the entertainment industry to accord him full respect after being relevant in the industry for the last 14 years.

Omondi said that he is more popular both in the Kenyan and the Pan-African industry and was well travelled than the two.

He added that his wealth is much more than that of the duo.

“If you are a Kenyan entertainer, comedian, musician, actor, so long as you are in the entertainment industry. Do not ever address me,” an angry Omondi said.

“I have more followers than you, I have more money than you, I’ve more experience than you. Do not ever address me,” he added.

“Obinna and Kamene, what is your talent? What do you usually do? Who listens to KISS FM? Don’t address me. You’re lazy and stupid idiots. Don’t mention the president’s name. Don’t ever address Erick Omondi.”

He claimed that Obinna is a local comedian who has not left the country to advance his talent, while he, being the self-proclaimed president of African comedy, has been to nine countries in less than two months.

“I’ve been to Egypt, I’ve been to Juba, I’ve been to Rwanda twice, I’ve been to Uganda three times, I’ve been to Dubai and Qatar. What are you doing? Don’t ever compare yourself with me,” he shouted at the duo.

Watch the rant in the tweet below.

He also dragged the name of the top Kenyan rapper Brian Omollo, popularly by his stage moniker Khaligraph Jones, saying that he is his junior in the industry.

Responding to him, Obinna laughed off Omondi’s remarks, saying that the so-called 14 years have been full of irrelevant performance.

“14 years you say? With what exactly to show from it? Nudes?” Obinna said through his Instagram account, adding that Omondi only outdoes him when it comes to Instagram followers.

Obinna went ahead to dare him to show up at his workplace and fight each other.

Kamene responded to Omondi’s outburst by stating that she has more money than he has so his statements were irrelevant.

“I definitely have more money than you bro,” Kamene wrote on her Instagram, “Wacha nisianze kusema (let me not say). Kunishinda labda followers (All you have that I don’t have are [Instagram] followers).”

She concluded her post by saying, “Keep my name out of your mouth.