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Errant Nairobi mechanic steals and dumps client’s car in Nakuru


A Nairobi mechanic has been on the run since Monday when he took off with a client’s car from a garage in Kariobangi South.

Nicholas Miganda allegedly stole Alice Asige’s car which had been entrusted to him to carry out repairs.

“I had given him the car for maintenance on Monday and after communicating the whole day he kept lying to me that he would bring the car to my office in the evening. I waited in vain and at some point that evening his phone went off,” Ms Asige told Nairobi News.

At the time, the client did not suspect foul play as she had been dealing with the mechanic for a while.

But on Tuesday when she visited the garage, she was told by the mechanic’s colleagues that they had not seen him and that he had been out of reach on phone since the previous evening.

Ms Asige then reported the matter at Industrial Area police station and the search for both the mechanic and the car started.


On Friday morning Ms Asige was contacted by police from Nakuru who said her Toyota Wish car had been found there where it had been for three days.

“Council askaris had clamped the car and when no one claimed it for three days they towed it to the traffic headquarters where I was asked to go with my log book,” Ms Asige told Nairobi News.

She then travelled to Nakuru and found her car parked at the traffic headquarters but with no ignition key.

Police are still looking for the mechanic who was the last person to be in possession of the car. The mechanic’s brother who spoke to Nairobi News said he last spoke to him last weekend and since Monday he has been unable to reach him.

Incidentally, the mechanic is also wanted in an investment group funds mismanagement case that is expected to commence on Monday when the other officials appear in court.

“He is the secretary of the group and so along with the treasurer, chairman and trustee they are expected to appear in court on Monday to explain where our group contributions are,” said the mechanic’s brother.