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Esther Passaris advocates for delayed motherhood

Esther Passaris, the Women Representative for Nairobi County, has urged young women to refrain from rushing into motherhood before they are truly ready.

Speaking at an event, Passaris emphasized that in today’s age of advanced technology, women have the option to become mothers at a later stage in life, citing that some women have successfully given birth even at the age of 50.

Passaris shared her personal experience, revealing that she had her first child when she was 32 years old.

” I had my first daughter at the age of 32. I do not even remember who my boyfriend was in high school, and I know I had one. I was in a mixed school, but I cannot even remember his name. I do not even know where he is.”

She highlighted that many young women are eager to start their families without considering their readiness or circumstances.

She also encouraged them to focus on their education and personal growth.

“Today, with technology, you can even have a child at the age of 50. There is no need to rush.

Furthermore, Passaris shared a personal anecdote from her high school days when she had a boyfriend, but she couldn’t even recall his name or current whereabouts.

She humorously emphasized that teenage crushes often do not lead to lasting relationships and advised young women to prioritize their education.

“Some of you might have a guy that you think is cute, and he thinks you are beautiful, but remember, the minute he touches you, he will continue with his education, you will become a mother, a teen mum,” she said.

Passaris also mentioned the Kenyan musician Akothee, known as the “president of single mothers,” who has six children.

She reminded the audience that Akothee’s experiences are unique to her, and young women should focus on their studies and enjoy their youth rather than rushing into motherhood.

“You know, I don’t if you know Akothee, she calls herself the president of single mothers. She has six and they came following each other. I am telling you as teenagers soon to be young adults, you are here to study, that we do not want you to become mothers before you are mature enough to become mothers. Enjoy your childhood,” she added.

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