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Eugene Wamalwa warns Ruto not to ‘humiliate’ Uhuru

Former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has warned President William Ruto’s government against what he referred to as the consistent intimidation of former president Uhuru Kenyatta and family.

Mr Wamalwa made the statement in his address at the Jubilee party’s National Delegates Conference (NDC) in Nairobi on May 22, 2023.

Mr Wamalwa, a known close ally of the former president, accused the government of engaging in a campaign of blackmail against the former president.

He urged the government officials to cease their actions and allow the former Head of State to peacefully live his life in retirement.

Mr Wamalwa also warned that the government’s reported attempts to tarnish Kenyatta’s reputation were not only unfair but also detrimental to the country’s political climate.

“Intimidation and blackmail should have no place in our democratic society,” Wamalwa declared.

“Former President Uhuru Kenyatta served this nation diligently, and it is disappointing to witness attempts to tarnish his legacy, you can keep the money.”

Wamalwa’s remarks come amid a series of recent events that have raised eyebrows in political circles.

They include an invasion of the former president’s farm in Northlands, Kiambu county, where the fence to the expansive property was destroyed, animals stolen and trees burnt.

“It is not only Uhuru Kenyatta who is being targeted here; it is the democratic principles and values that our nation upholds,” Wamalwa stated. “We cannot allow personal vendettas to overshadow the progress we have made as a nation.”

The former president has come under consistent attacks from President Ruto, his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua and other senior government officials since he handed over power in September 2023.

President Ruto has publicly accused his predecessor of funding the opposition anti-government protests and refusing to pay tax.

The DP has meanwhile consistently claimed that the former president had plans to jail him had Azimio leader Raila Odinga won the election. Mr Gachagua has also challenged the former Head of State’s vast properties including family land and asked him to donate some of it to the homeless.

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