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TikToker Mummie Francie: How to deal with a cheating husband and arrogant side chick

TikTok star cum radio host Mummie Francie has advised women on how to deal with their cheating husbands and side chicks.

In a video she uploaded on the social media platform, the content creator asked women not to ever shed a tear due to the frustrations of the union but brace themselves for reality.

She advised that time was ripe to turn around the harsh situations that are in homes, adding that the other women in a man’s life have suddenly become courageous enough to even call the main wives and affirm their position.

“Now we are not crying. Do you have WIFI? If you don’t go buy airtime of only Sh20 and have only Sh5 on your M-pesa to send to the side chick to see her full name,” she started off.

Mummie initimated the whole process would need to have full details of the side chick and if possible her photo.

“Now create a Whatsapp group and add your father-in-law as the first person then your mother-in-law as the second person. After those add your husband’s uncles, aunts, cousins, everyone you know is related to him,” she said.

Then added, “After everyone is in the group, add your husband and his side chick. These two should be the last to be added. Now that everyone is added, you write that ‘this is the committee that will oversee the wedding of so and so. You include your husband’s full name and his clande’s. Indicate the date, church venue, time, and even reception which you will have given them.”

Mummie also told women that after all is said and done, they should leave the WhatsApp group and wait for trouble to rain like thunderstorms.


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This she says is a caution to side chicks to stay in their lane. “Hold your horses’ side chicks for we can plot against you,” she told them.

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