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Ever-blundering Muhoozi calls on Africa to stand with Russia

By Sammy Waweru February 4th, 2023 2 min read

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni firstborn son, has called on the African continent to stand firm with Russia.

The Ugandan military General has said Africans should not abandon the Russians in the ongoing war with Ukraine.

In a tweet Gen Muhoozi said this is the time Africa should show loyalty to the nation that stood with it during the colonial era.

“We, as Africans, will not abandon our Russian brothers in hard times. They stood with us against the Colonialists and we will never forget it!” he tweeted.

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The tweet attracted varied views from his followers, some for and others against the idea.

“We are satisfied to note that several joint economic projects have already got underway in Uganda. A cotton processing plant operates with a share of Russian capital. Russia’s Unity trading house founded UgaRuss in Kampala to supply consumer goods made in Russia,” @HalleKaitesi said.

“Let’s leave issues of the whites alone, we already have enough issues to solve,” @StatementMateek wrote.

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The tweet was later followed by another one in which General Muhoozi expressed concern over his military troops.

“I’m monitoring ‘My’ army lately. Very depressed and unmotivated. How can they fight without their Commander? May Almighty God hear our prayers,” he tweeted.

General Muhoozi was promoted to the current position by his father, President Museveni, last year.

The tweeting military officer has lately become synonymous with controversies, the most divisive one being his threats to capture Nairobi last year. He has since repeated the same threats this year, saying he would only need a week to capture the Kenyan capital and not two weeks as he has previously said.

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