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Scorned Woman: If you really want to know your man, go through his phone

They say you can learn a lot about a person by simply going through their phone. You’d be surprised how much a phone can tell you about its bearer.

One doesn’t even have to do a deep dive into a person’s emails and social media profiles to get a read on this person’s personality. Oh no, just a mere look at their lock-screensaver can tell you all you need to know at first glance.

Case in point, most people have their photos as their wallpaper, which ultimately and quite obviously signifies a sense of self-love and admiration, no?!

In this article, however, I want to talk to the scorned woman. Let’s cut the chase. In today’s dating scene, many women have embraced the idea of fast dating where they go on a first date and get to ask all the questions about things they require, and if the bill doesn’t fit, they bounce and it’s on to the next. 

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Nobody talks about how tedious it is to go on dates and try to get a read on a person only to get it all wrong, by which time you will have already invested a hefty load of emotions. Now you’re back to the drawing board. 

Men are good at camouflaging their true identity when they’re out to hunt “sport fish” (a toy to play around with). A man will make you believe he is the man of your dreams by painting you a picture of your perfect match, when in fact he’s nothing like the man you make him out to be.

Enough with the debilitating disappointments ladies. Time to take matters into your own hands and try out a new scheme in your dating strategy in order to land yourself the man you deserve without wasting your time, effort and money. 

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They say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Well, I say give me your phone and I will tell you who you really are. Do you want to know a man without having to ask him who he is? Ask him to give you his phone.

Now here’s where things get interesting. I presume that by this time the guy who’s been eyeing you for a while has now made a move on you, and has been trying to get to know you over the phone for a certain period of time. He’s now asked you out on a date and you’re now in each other’s presence (which you probably already fancy). Things look good so far with the guy, but your female instincts can’t help but tell you this guy can’t be all that he presents himself to be. 

So you ask for his phone. This could go two ways. He’ll either get defensive and say his phone is a private entity, and not give it to you, or he’ll just give it to you knowing very well he has nothing to hide. 

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We need to get rid of the notion that you should check a man’s phone only if he’s yours. If a man is pursuing you, he is a potential partner and you need to know what you’re signing up for before investing any more of your emotions. For the love of me, it’s 2023.

Luckily, men are not complicated beings and it takes little effort to catch them. When it comes to their phones, all you have to do is go through their gallery, WhatsApp and Instagram and you’ll get a feel of what they fancy or rather a general view of their personality. 

Turns out we’ve been doing this dating thing all wrong. We’ve been hating the game and blaming it all on the player (men). Well, ladies, no more picking on the player. Change the game!

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