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Exclusive: ‘Beef’ aside as Khaligraph Jones recognises Bien as Africa’s finest act

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has publicly lauded Sauti Sol’s lead singer, Bien Aime Baraza, as the top artiste in Africa, setting aside their longstanding ‘beef.’

The two musicians, known for their friendly banter, have surprisingly shared mutual admiration despite their apparent rivalry.

During a recent interview with Nairobi News, Khaligraph Jones took a moment to encourage his fans to listen to Bien’s latest album.

He went on to express his support for Bien, referring to him as his “small brother” and extending prayers for his success.

“Bien is my bro, but he’s going through a tough time, and his album is fire. He may be down, but he’s my little brother. He can’t beat me. God bless that brother of mine. Make sure you stream his album, ‘Alusa, Why Are You Topless,’ on all platforms. Bien is the best musician in Africa, and I am the best rapper in Africa,” remarked Khaligraph Jones.

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Khaligraph Jones performing during the launch of Coca-Cola’s Christmas Caravan Campaign on Friday, November 24. PHOTO| COURTESY

Addressing the international success of his music, Khaligraph acknowledged his fans for their unwavering support, expressing his gratitude for the global recognition.

“I feel good when I see my music being played internationally, but I credit my fans for this. I keep improving every day,” he added.

Unfazed by detractors, Khaligraph Jones shared his perspective on handling negativity, emphasizing his focus on the positive aspects of his career.

“Haters, I don’t even handle my haters. It is expected that you will always see people saying negative things. I say positive things to people, but I focus on the positive things,” he stated.

Drawing an analogy, Khaligraph likened success to flaunting a mansion to someone residing in a bedsitter, highlighting the inevitability of encountering criticism from those unwilling to put in the effort.

“Do you think you will flaunt a mansion to someone who is sleeping on a bedsitter and they feel good? They don’t want to work hard and so they will start hating on you. It is what it is,” he said.

Khaligraph Jones was interviewed during the launch of Coca-Cola’s Christmas Caravan Campaign on Friday, November 24.

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