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EXCLUSIVE: Brown Mauzo deletes Vera’s photos, unfollows her. She reacts

Vera Sidika’s husband, Brown Mauzo, deleted his wife’s photos from his Instagram page, confusing fans.

The singer has also unfollowed his wife on his Instagram.

Mauzo’s Instagram page now only follows two people: his two daughters, Asia Brown and Lareesa Brown.

Nairobi News contacted Vera, who was coy about speaking too much.

She only said that she was fine.

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Asked how her two babies were doing, Vera paused and said her baby was fine.

“I am okay… and my baby is doing well. I am not doing any interview at the moment please,” she responded before hanging up the call.

Vera allegedly welcomed her second child a few weeks ago, although she hasn’t yet announced the arrival of her baby boy with Brown Mauzo because of the reality show she is currently starring in.

A cast member Lisa Christoffersen accidentally or intentionally let the cat out of the bag during the screening party of the Real Housewives Of Nairobi for the third episode.

Asked why the other reality show members did not attend the screening, Lisa replied that Sonal was out of the country while the “Popstar” singer had just welcomed her new bundle of joy.

“Vera could have been here, but she just had a baby. Sonal Merali is away in India on family matters,” Lisa candidly replied.

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Vera got emotional during a gathering with her co-cast members of the Real Housewives of Nairobi.

She talked about how hard it has been in her marriage where her husband has a baby mama, saying it causes her stress.

The topic of discussion turned to post-divorce arrangements and coping mechanisms, and Vera shared her struggles as a stepmom.

Vera revealed that her husband, Brown Mauzo, has other children from previous relationships and has been unable to see them for about two years.

This situation has been difficult for Vera, who has never been in a relationship with someone with kids.

She admitted that she didn’t know how to handle it at first.

However, the recent development on Mauzo’s page could be another clout-chasing tactic. We will wait and see how it goes.

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