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EXCLUSIVE: Diamond Platnumz – Why I have three managers

Diamond Platnumz, the celebrated Tanzanian Bongo artist, has offered insights into why he has chosen to have three managers to oversee various aspects of his career.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the Bongofalava artist clarified the reasons behind this strategic decision.

He highlighted that the entertainment industry is multifaceted, and each aspect requires specialized attention.

Therefore, having multiple managers with distinct responsibilities allows him to efficiently navigate the diverse dimensions of his career.

Diamond has a Wasafi label unit, including his other two managers – Babu Tale and Said Fella and flamboyant Jorge Mendez alias Sallam SK.

Here are the key points he made:

Diverse career aspects

Diamond recognizes that his career extends beyond just making music. He’s involved in various ventures, including music production, record label ownership, and endorsements. Each of these areas demands unique expertise, which is best handled by different managers who specialize in those domains.

Global reach

As an international artist, Diamond’s career spans multiple countries and markets. He needs managers who understand the intricacies of the global music industry, regional preferences, and market trends, enabling him to effectively connect with fans worldwide.

Operational efficiency

By delegating responsibilities to different managers, Diamond can ensure that operations run smoothly. This includes scheduling, event management, contract negotiations, and day-to-day tasks, all of which can be streamlined when overseen by specialists in their respective areas.

Strategic decision-making

Having multiple managers allows for diverse perspectives and strategies. Diamond can draw upon the expertise and insights of each manager to make well-informed decisions that benefit his career.

Balance and quality

Each manager can focus on their specific role without being overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities. This specialization ensures a higher level of quality and attention to detail in each area of Diamond’s career.

By having a team of managers, Diamond Platnumz can effectively navigate the complex and multifaceted world of the entertainment industry, ensuring that he maintains his prominence as a leading artist and entrepreneur.

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