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EXCLUSIVE: Gospel star Esther Wahome celebrates 30 years in entertainment industry

Acclaimed gospel singer Esther Wahome is celebrating her remarkable 30-year journey in the music industry.

Although she has been actively performing in various countries in recent years, some Kenyans may have the misconception that she has stopped releasing new music.

In 2022, she held a concert in Uganda that was attended by over 40,000 people.

However, Esther Wahome told Nairobi News that she has continued to release music.

“As part of my upcoming celebrations, I plan to release an EP that will be launched at a special event to honour my three decades of musical excellence,” she said.

Esther recently shared a video of herself in the studio working on a new project.

“It’s a wrap! Last studio session! My new EP to be released soon in a grand celebration of my 30 years in music, grateful to God for the people from different nations in my team who have worked so hard – be ready for surprises and blessings.”

Esther Wahome has made significant contributions to the gospel music industry in Kenya.

She rose to popularity in the 1990s and has since released numerous hit songs that have touched the hearts of many listeners.

With her powerful and soulful voice, Esther Wahome has become known for her inspirational and uplifting music.

Her songs often carry messages of faith, hope, and encouragement that resonate with audiences across generations.

Some of her popular hits include ‘Kuna Dawa’, ‘Amukomete’, ‘Nipe Uvumilivu’ and ‘Kuna Siku’.

These songs have not only topped the music charts but have also become anthems for worship and praise in churches and meetings.

Esther Wahome is also actively involved in philanthropic work and community initiatives.

She has used her platform to advocate for social change and support causes such as education, women empowerment and youth development.

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