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Exclusive: Jua Cali – Why I will always support my children’s career choices

Popular Genge artiste Jua Cali recently opened up about his approach to supporting his children in their career choices.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the father of three emphasized the importance of allowing his children to decide their own paths, just as his parents did for him.

“I would never decide what my kids want to do in the future. It wouldn’t be fair to them. If any of them want to be artistes, I will support them,” Jua Cali said.

“My elder brother is in the banking sector, our second-born is a math teacher, and my younger sister is a lawyer. You can’t impose your dreams on your kids,” he explained.

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Speaking on CateRira’s podcast “POVPodcastKenya,” the legendary Genge artiste, who began his music career right after completing school, shared his perspective on advising aspiring musicians.

Jua Cali mentioned said he would never give a one-size-fits-all advice, as fame and success come differently for each individual.

About his trademark locks, Jua Cali said his unique hairstyle is a deliberate choice to stand out not only in music but in his personal life.

“In high school, I had an Afro hairstyle, and I took advantage of that and started plaiting my hair when I started singing,” he recalled.

Jua Cali  said his parents, both educated and open-minded, wholeheartedly supported his artistic pursuits.

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“My mum was a drama teacher and my dad was a chilled math teacher. They were okay with it and supported my craft,” he said.

As a father of three, Jua Cali believes that parents should adopt visionary parenting styles.

“It’s important that parents are forward thinkers; you can’t be stuck in your ways. If my parents were stuck in their ways, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Our parents were forward thinkers, and they understood that you don’t necessarily have to end up in a white-collar job if there are other options. Besides, even back then, there weren’t many white-collar jobs,” he said.

Currently, Jua Cali is promoting his fifth album titled Utu Uzima, which follows his successful 2019 release, Mali Ya Umma.

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