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Exclusive: MCA Tricky – I’m not leaving Churchill, just going solo

Seasoned comedian MCA Tricky, real name Francis Munyao is making big moves in the comedy scene, and his fans are here for it. 

Having marked his name in the Kenyan comedy scene as one of the hilarious comedians in the country through the most streamed TV comedy series ‘Churchill Show’, Tricky has now grown his wings to set out for greener pastures. 

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In so doing, the well-known comedian has been making some solicited noise on the internet about his newfound project to redefine the comedy space in Kenya, across Africa, and beyond.

Comedian MCA Tricky.
Comedian MCA Tricky. PHOTO| COURTESY

Introducing his new show dubbed “A Tricky Comedy Circuit”, the big wig jokester, who commands an Instagram following of over 1.9 million followers, said this marks the beginning of something grand for comedy in Kenya.

“It’s a comedy circuit. You know a circuit is supposed to connect different components. So these components are from East and Central Africa, so I’m calling it a comedy circuit.

We are doing this because we want to take comedy to the next level in this country. We want to start the culture of stand-up comedy specials. We package them nicely and sell them to big platforms like Netflix and Showmax,” said the comedian. 

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Premiering on March 31, 2023, the show, as described by Tricky, will be headlined by himself as a special act but will have supporting performances by his comedy counterparts from across Africa. 

“This is the first episode of Comedy Circuit. MCA Tricky is the headliner, the main act, but I have supporting performances from other comedians from East and Central Africa. They are supporting me in this special,” MCA Tricky told Nairobi News. 

Comedian MCA Tricky.
Comedian MCA Tricky. PHOTO| COURTESY

Tricky clarified that the show would not be a one-time hit but a seasonal project that slowly picks up to international spaces. 

“It’s not a one-time show. What’s happening is that I want to set the pace with these guys coming from outside, I want them to come and give my audience a taste of comedy from their countries,” said Tricky.

He added, “People are used to seeing our comedy, but now we want to go international. It’s a process, and I am challenging myself to go outside the country, but to do that, I have to start home, and that’s where Comedy Circuit comes in.”

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Speaking to this reporter, MCA Tricky highlighted that the language barrier is the one hindrance that holds Kenya back when it comes to making it big in the comedy scene.

“One thing holding us back is language barrier, only that. We are the most vibrant comedy act in Africa as, Kenya, because we are consistent on the internet. We’re watched widely, but the only issue is language barrier where there’s Kiswahili, so some jokes get lost in the acts,” he told Nairobi News.

He also noted that other than the language barrier, content relevance and relatability cause friction in the competitive space.

“The other thing is the standard of jokes. What you’re speaking about, can it resonate with someone in Ghana or anyone outside Kenya?” 

Regarding Comedy Circuit’s future, Tricky noted, “Comedy Circuit is like the stepping stone of a much bigger dream. After this first episode of Comedy Circuit, these guys are already arranging for my tour in those countries. Come December, I will do Comedy Circuit 2 here in Nairobi.”

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He confirmed his loyalty to Churchill Show, saying that he will always be ready to perform on Churchill regardless, as he considers the platform his home ground and place of growth. 

“I will always be ready to perform on Churchill, I am not going anywhere. I perform well on Churchill, and it’s good practice for me. There’s no big deal in having your own project and still performing on Churchill, in fact, this coming show Churchill himself has been a big part of it.”

Being an academic and currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering, Tricky revealed that 20 percent of the proceeds received from his upcoming show would go into helping kids who are financially strained to acquire an education. 

“The main sponsor of my show is Kenya Education Fund, I am a champion for education, so 20 percent of the proceeds will go into helping day scholars who have struggles funding their education. Education is what has made me who I am,” said the comedian. 

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