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EXCLUSIVE: Music Producer Magix Enga makes comeback after health struggles

In December 2022, a video of renowned music producer Magix Enga circulated on social media, raising concerns among his fans about his deteriorating health.

During that period, his phone number remained inactive for a significant duration, leaving many wondering about his well-being.

Six months later, the popular entertainer is reported to have made a remarkable recovery, as confirmed by his girlfriend in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

Requesting anonymity, she revealed that Magix Enga had undergone a two-month rehabilitation program starting in February.

According to Magix Enga’s alleged girlfriend, the artiste had suffered a mental health crisis, believing that he had been bewitched.

This led him to take a hiatus from the media while he tried to comprehend the situation.

She explained:

“At that time, Magix was doing really well and even securing government gigs. Unfortunately, when he was about to receive a substantial payment, he lost his composure, fled from his home, and began living in the forest.”

The alleged girlfriend disclosed that the artiste was rescued by the police after being reported missing for two weeks.

It was during this period that the video capturing his distressed state was taken.

She clarified that the public had misunderstood his condition, as he was not under the influence of drugs and was genuinely unaware of what was happening to him.

She further criticized Magix Enga’s industry friends for failing to provide support despite his plea on social media.

“Most of them distanced themselves from him, assuming he was on drugs,” she expressed, highlighting their lack of compassion.

In the undated footage from December, Magix Enga appeared disheveled and depressed while seated on a tree trunk, seemingly contemplating his next steps at the Coast.

The once-popular producer seemed disoriented and withdrawn.

In a previous interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, Magix Enga had spoken about his journey of transformation, which began with him shaving his signature dreadlocks and overcoming substance abuse.

He also accused singers Otile Brown and Arrowboy of abandoning him during his time of need.

Enga viewed cutting off his locks and quitting drugs as a fresh start, aiming to inspire young people who looked up to him.

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