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Exclusive: Nick Kwach – When the girl I was dating forgot my birthday

By Wangu Kanuri January 21st, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan thespian-cum-content creator Nick Kwach aka Baba Ryan has disclosed the reasons why birthdays do not hold significant value to him.

Kwach, who wears many hats in the creative industry, has observed that many people often say things out of convenience and in retrospect they do not mean what they say.

While some people hold birthdays with utmost value, which is okay, Kwach, in an Exclusive interview with Nairobi News, recounted how a while back, he had indicated his birth date on his social media pages before removing it.

“The time I removed the date, even the person I was dating then forgot that it was my birthday,” he said.

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Although he was not offended, Kwach says that by that time he had removed the importance of the birthday by coming to the realization that people say things because it is necessary to say.

“You’ll have friends posting your pictures, sending you messages, with others putting you in advanced debt where when I buy you a cake because it is your birthday, you are expected to buy me one when my birthday comes,” he said.

He said that since he removed the date almost six years ago, the atmosphere has been quiet. Kwach, one of NTV’s The Trend hosts also admitted that sometimes he forgets the date himself.

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“By forgetting I dont mean that I do not know that it is my birthday, but I do not actively think and plan for the day’s events. You see, when some people have their birthdays they even allocate time for photo sessions and do things that are out of their norm, just to commemorate the day. Sometimes I do nothing of the sort,” he explained.

Kwach also said his year runs from one birth date to the next and that jots down his resolutions and plans then and not on the turn of a calendar. In his view, birthdays are often a time to reflect and strategize.

“I think one should be wished a happy new year on their birthday. You decide where your year starts and ends,” he said.

However, Kwach says that he does not cast a stone at people who choose to lavishly spoil themselves on their birthday or even post about it on social media, saying he is cognizant of the fact that life is indeed short.

“Bottom line, do what makes you happy on your birthday. There is a no size fits all kind of situation.”

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