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EXCLUSIVE: Rashid Abdalla set to trademark iconic slogan ‘Sisemi Kitu’

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 20th, 2023 2 min read

Popular Citizen TV presenter Rashid Abdalla, celebrated for his charming on-screen presence, has unveiled plans to trademark his popular catchphrase, ‘Sisemi Kitu’ (I’m not saying anything).

The slogan, which has become synonymous with Rashid, has evolved into an integral part of his brand identity.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News during the launch of his two latest Telenovelas, Zari and Ka-Siri, Rashid explained the significance of his beloved slogan.

He noted that ‘Sisemi Kitu’ serves as a beacon of hope for those who presume to know everything about him.

“In life, whenever you express yourself, there will always be someone with an opinion. Whatever you say, some people may think they have unraveled your true intentions. When I say ‘Sisemi Kitu,’ it’s a gentle reminder not to take it personally. Whether you agree or disagree, life goes on,” Rashid Abdalla remarked.

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Rashid added that he has plans to trademark the now-famous slogan.

“I am committed to trademarking this slogan because it represents a message of hope.”

Over the years, Rashid has garnered praise for his impeccable delivery of Swahili news segments.

Rashid Abdalla’s move to trademark his iconic phrase reflects a growing trend among Kenyan personalities who have successfully turned their catchy expressions into legally protected assets.

One such figure is Francis Atwoli, the Secretary-General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU).

In 2021, he captivated the nation’s attention with his ironic exclamation, ‘Alaa!’, expressing disbelief in a viral interview.

Atwoli astutely recognized the potential of his catchphrase and moved to trademark it, securing exclusive rights to monetize it until 2031.

Another example is Pastor Sue Munene, who coined the humorous phrase ‘Twa! Twa!’ during a church service.

The coded words swiftly went viral.

In March 2023, Pastor Sue Munene applied to the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) to trademark the viral phrase.

Kenyan dancehall artist KRG the Don recently trademarked the expression ‘Mambo Imechemuka,’ which translates to ‘things are boiling.’

This trademark is valid for ten years, subject to opposition within 60 days from the publication date.

Notably, in 2022, the rising Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy successfully trademarked ‘Freshi Barida,’ a viral phrase originating from an interview where he discussed Kenya’s upcoming general elections.