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Exclusive: Vijana Barubaru’s reaction to Rayvanny singing their song

By Wangu Kanuri December 8th, 2022 2 min read

Vijana Barubaru, the music stars that became an internet sensation through their hit song Sasa Hivi have shared their sentiments after Tanzania’s Bongo Flava artiste Rayvanny sang their song.

This after the Tetema hit maker, who is also known as Chui, posted a TikTok video singing to the song.

“Wow! I love the song,” Rayvanny said in between his performance. Rayvanny’s post has since garnered over 41,000 likes.

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Morning vibes 😜🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪❤️‍🔥

♬ original sound – Rayvanny

Tutu Kantu and Mwana wa Wambui aka Vijana Barubaru said they got the news of Rayvanny performing their song from their fans.

“Our fans messaged us enquiring whether we had heard the performance and we searched it on TikTok. It felt amazing even though it was shocking,” Mwana wa Wambui said.

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Afterwards, Vijana Barubaru personally reached out to Rayvanny seeking for a collaboration. The pair have said the Number One hit maker is on their bucket list of musicians they would want to work with.

The duo have also appreciated their fans dearly for promoting the song adding that it is bigger in Tanzania than it is in Kenya.

“Currently the song is at 800,000 views. When we did it we just wanted 100,0000 views,” Tuku Kantu said.

The artistes are currently doing Christmas extended play (EP) for the festive season and their fans will definitely enjoy new music as of next year.

“We shall release a song dubbed Ipo Siku on January 1st next year. The song majors on instilling hope to people that there is a day that God will bless you.”

Additionally, Tuku Kantu is planning to drop an album in February solely.

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Mid last month, the duo revealed that Sasa Hivi was not only based on a true story but also was a mirror to Mwana wa Wambui’s relationship with his girlfriend, who she did not tell at first the song was about her.

“We have this style of writing in which we write the first stanza test and listen. So from the first stanza, she could not tell it was about her. The second one, there were those specific parts that automatically she knew the song was about her, for instance, sipendi your favorite artiste but nakupenda nitacompromise. Listening to the song, she loved it and even cried,” Mwana wa Wambui explained.

However, the pair said they are still amazed by how the song keeps on performing, adding that they never thought the song would be a hit when they were doing it.

Tuku said an intimate meeting just at the nick of time made them not give up on their talent and invest more into it.

“We created a TikTok account and our first video garnered 100,000 views. This was big for us. The second one got 1million and it dawned on us that this was doable,” he added.

Although their love song has become the latest internet sensation, Vijana Barubaru have had their share of Nairobi relationships experiencing their dose of character development through unpredictable relationships in the city.

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