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Why Facebook wants Governor Oparanya to erase these writings

A number of Kenyans on Facebook have slammed Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya after his administration constructed a mud structure for a woman and labelled it as its project.

The before and after pictures shows that the new structure was a major upgrade from the earlier dilapidated hut which had worn out iron sheets.

The derelict building, in which the unidentified woman spent her nights, was also surrounded by shrubs.

But on the same space now stands a new mud-walled structure complete with new iron sheets. It was constructed by the Kakamega administration.

However, the county lays claims to the initiative with writings on its faceboard: “Constructed by county government of Kakamega Shelter initiative – financial year 2017 – 2018.”


Most commenters hailed the administration for coming to the aid of the woman but slammed it for the publicity thirst.

Londa Talliana said: “County government of Kakamega you could at least built a permanent house for her, how far before this house washes away again. Anyway thanks.”

‎Mzee Savalanga‎ added: “From where I come from, my Governor has been assisting the destitute and most importantly giving them a decent housing for those with no houses.

I mean brick laid house which is well plastered and with a complete cement floor. This is how governments root for poverty.”

The old building.
The old building.

Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad added: “The County Government Of Kakamega did their best to help this elderly lady. Ata kama ni nyumba ya matope …. Sometimes help, given in good faith, is not actually helpful. It doesn’t make the gesture any less worthy…It’s the thought that counts. Though I feel they should remove those writings!!! It’s in bad taste!”

Kibe Wa Kanyingi quipped: “This is serious, do u have to help someone to make a name for uaself? u guys did a good job but u don’t have to write in that hse.county government na kama ni ya mawe? (sic)”

Mary Karanja said: “I volunteer to go there with paint and brush to paint that rubbish from the local gov.”

Dennis M’Cawilly added: “Am providing the breakdown soon so that we refund oparanya his money.we can do better than this.(sic)”

Nelson Saenyi Wanyonyi said: “It is a shame to write on this shelter that it is the County Government that did this. Better leave it the way it is.”